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We provide peace of mind to our clients and their families by being a trustworthy care partner and advocate for your loved one.


Our knowledgeable team empowers both individuals and families to navigate through medical, care, and financial options. We listen and learn about each clients’ needs and provide thoughtful service while keeping your family informed.

We serve as guardians and conservators providing assistance to children and adults incapable of managing their own medical or financial affairs.



The court will appoint Legisus to act as guardian for individuals they’ve deemed incapable of making their own medical and care decisions. There’s no one size fits all method in making medical or well being decisions on behalf of an individual. We work with clients and families to provide the best solution possible.



At Legisus we offer conservatorship services to individuals the court has determined by evaluation are unable to manage their own financial affairs. The courts will appoint us to make informed decisions. Our step by step process ensures we look at the overall financial picture of our clients and utilize our resources to best fit their needs.

About Us

The team at Legisus is committed to bringing reliable solutions to our clients and their families. We operate with utmost integrity, reliability, and transparency.

Tim Saetre

Tim Saetre

I grew up in Minnesota and graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Finance. In 2016, my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. He wasn’t given much time to live, so I moved in with him during his final months to be sure he received the best care possible. It was during this time I saw how grateful he was to have people show such compassion towards him and our family. This is why I started Legisus.

Community Resources

The Arc Minnesota

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance

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